About concentrates

Concentrate is a broad term covering any form of cannabis or marijuana that is procured through an extraction process. Concentrates are becoming increasingly popular due to enhanced production techniques and ease of consumption. Concentrates generate a wide variety of effects including feeling dreamy, happy, energised, calmer, relaxed and many others. Concentrates are also a popular choice for alleviation or reduction in symptoms of medical conditions, and can help with pain relief, easing anxiety and improving relaxation.

Concentrates have higher levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the active ingredient in marijuana that produces the feelings of relaxation, dreaminess, euphoria and happiness that we call ‘getting high.’ The concentrated levels are much more powerful than the marijuana plant, so it’s important to get advice from our expert budtenders about which concentrate product is best for your level of experience and the results you’re seeking. Users prefer concentrates for the more intense psychological and physical effects, as well as the ease of consumption – not all concentrates are smoked.

Our selection of concentrates

Here at Greenbuds, we have a wide variety of concentrates that will help you find the perfect high. Our menu on leafly gives you an in depth overview of each product, including its production, origin, taste, aftereffects and THC percentages, giving you all the information you need to choose the right product from our extensive range. Make sure to check out the leafly reviews to see what other users think about our products and to see the star ratings from hundreds of independent smokers and consumers.

Most common concentrates

Popular cannabis concentrates include:

  • Hash, a compression of the plant’s resin that has been used for centuries

  • Butane Hash Oil, a powerful concentrate used for dabbing

  • CO2 oil, a newer and increasingly popular oil extract

  • Rick Simpson Oil (RO2) a tar-like oil that can be orally consumed or applied directly to the skin

  • Tinctures, liquid concentrates procured via alcohol extraction

Visit us in store to check out our varying range

Due to the constant variation in marijuana product supply, customers might find that our range changes regularly. As crops harvest at different times, and quality varies from season to season (and from grower to grower), we only select the best, freshest and most abundant products to stock in store. Our customers trust us to filter out only the most reliable, top quality products. If you’re looking for your favourite product and can’t find it, our expert budtenders can suggest a similar product from our extensive range – or most likely find you something even better!

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