Quality accessories can take a good high and make it great! So make the most of your marijuana investment with the right accessories with our extensive range of products.

Our range includes bongs (silicone and glass), pipes, papers, vaporizers, grinders, smoke kits and much more.

Our selection of accessories


There are nearly as many types of bongs as there are types of cannabis to smoke – and we have an excellent selection of bongs to suit any kind of smoker. From budget and midrange bongs through to stylish sophisticated statement pieces, all our bongs are as functional and efficient as they are great looking.


Pipes have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years, and there’s sure to be a pipe for you from our selection – traditional, modern, high tech or classic.


Papers come in a variety of styles, designs and thickness, and each smoker has his or her preferences. Quality papers ensure a smooth burn, good taste and capacity to hold the weed without splitting, and we make sure to only choose a wide selection of impressive papers for all your smoking needs.


Vaporizers are increasing in popularity too, due to their efficiency and lack of tell-tale smokiness. Vaporizers are also more efficient than smoking marijuana, which can damage up to 30% of the high-generating THC. Our range of vaporizers are stylish, high technology accessories designed to get the very best out of your weed for optimal results.


Grinder innovations have skyrocketed in recent years, and the new products on the market make grinding quicker, easier and more comfortable. We can help you find an affordable grinder with the key benefits – strong tooth design, reliability and textured grip for easy manoeuvrability.

Smoke Kits

If you need all the essentials in one stylish and convenient package, then try one of our smoke kits. Each kit provides everything a smoker on the go needs. The product selection will vary from kit to kit, and may include products such as lighters, papers, grinders and storage for your weed. Others also include breath mints and air fresheners to mask any strong scents that may linger. Smokers take great pride in building up their smoke kits – do the same and you’ll maximise the enjoyment every time you partake.

Visit us in store to check out our varying range

Due to the constant variation in marijuana product supply, customers might find that our range changes regularly. As crops harvest at different times, and quality varies from season to season (and from grower to grower), we only select the best, freshest and most abundant products to stock in store. Our customers trust us to filter out only the most reliable, top quality products. If you’re looking for your favourite product and can’t find it, our expert budtenders can suggest a similar product from our extensive range – or most likely find you something even better!

Want the best marijuana deal in Portland? We are proud to say we remain very competitive on price, keeping prices low even after changes in taxation led many suppliers to hike prices by up to twenty five percent or more

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